Many punters enjoy a big win but they often go home with an overall loss because they failed to use a staking plan. This idea comes from one Horatio AndiCap, one of the more enigmatic but highly astute members of the Thoroughbred Village community. If you ask this question on any reputable betting site, it will cause a host of debate and opinion. Everyone is passionate about their own betting systems. His one criterion is that he must take a profit on the day, no matter how much, if any ONE or more of his selections wins.

Dutch betting is the practice of betting on more than one selection to achieve an identical profit regardless of which selection wins. You can use one of the many online dutch book calculators to work out the individual bet sizes to achieve this result. AndiCap uses the same mathematical calculations across the 4 nominated races. Same as he would if his runners were all in the same event.

(Back) Dutch Recovery

If more selections are successful, of course, this daily profit increases. Each winner brings in more dollars. But surely we can get one home! If you check out our racing tips every Saturday morning you should be more than ok.

There is nothing better than enjoying a profitable day on the punt. Tags: bettingbetting advicebetting strategiesbetting systemsmathematicsonline bettingstaking plans.

Category : Betting Strategies. A quick guide to the Melbourne Cup It takes place every single year. Horse racing fans and jockeys come from across Australia just to see what all […]. The Melbourne Cup is the race that stops the nation and viewed by millions of people world-wide.

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There is nothing like being in Melbourne for Cup week and not even a wet Saturday will dampen the spirits of the near hundred thousand […]. Villagebet Twitter Feed - Community of punters Follow. Racing Tips for today. Did it at both ends. Home Bet Here!

Staking Plans

Staking plan to ensure a winning day at the races February 26, By Mayor More. Share this article:. Subscribe If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it. Bet Here!Home Help Login Register. I want to be able to extend the Pro Staking Plan, and use it for Dutching. I would like to be able to choose based on staking value, or profit take value. Thanks Mark.

Oxa WellDoneSoft. I am working on your triggers. Always try your triggers in Test Mode before switching to real money!

Hello Oxa, I am not sure if one of my lines in the request is clear E. Yes, that's the way I understood it. Please see your triggers attached. In the constants you can choose the betting mode Dutch to a target profit or to a maximum liability as well as up to 6 ranks of the selections you want to bet on. Make sure you have tested the triggers in Test Mode.

Hi Oxa, This doesn't seem to be doing what it is supposed to. I have a friend who is using the PRO plan, on a different bot, with the exact same settings I have used, and yet, we have received very different results. I was expecting the profit potential to be increasing the more races that lose. I was expecting the stakes to increase as per the staking plan maths.

This seems to be just aiming for the same profit on every race, no matter what the previous result is. If you did, I would like to see your results. The other concern is, why does the trigger bet on the next race when the previous race has not been settled.

Doing it this way is just a standard level staking, because, surely, if this was indeed using a recovery staking plan, then how does it know how much to stake until it has made a note of ALL losses?

This specifically concerns trigger files and various instructions as to how to implement a strategy. If I take the divisor down to 4. If this is not happening, then either trigger "adding loss or profit at the end of the event" is not working correctly, or trigger "resetting stake after target has been reached" fires prematurely resetting the bet. Please provide the logs for both triggers for the market the goes immediately before the market where the triggers placed bets that should have been increased but were not.The only way to prevail is to adopt a smarter look at sports betting — one that involves sensitive staking.

There are many systems out there prioritizing different aspects of sensible punting, but at the end of the day, they all pivot around risk management. A sound understanding of risk management is a solid stepping stone to choosing the right financing plan for your betting endeavours. Before choosing a particular system, make sure you can stay afloat regardless of stake sizing, this will ensure that you have an eye for value bets. In any case, we promised an understandable guide on staking strategies and we are determined to deliver on the pledge.

Yes, every betting not just staking strategy has its flipside, some of them are well-balanced and others employ a brute-force attack- like approach. Another important note concerning stake planning is that they all require time to prove their concept. It will take a few betting rounds to set the wheels in motion. As long as you give it enough time, eventually you ought to triumph.

Having a plan is the way to go for us. We highly approve the systematic approach for any type of gambling activity, as it sets clear goals before you. Unfortunately, deliberately planning everything out can only take you so far. Sometimes the circumstances will put a wrinkle in your plans, but this is why you have the freedom to choose a sportsbook that facilitates the use of your system of choice.

The preparation stage is very important — confirm that your bookie provides all the constituents necessary to carry through. A major stumbling block for a sensible punter is the discerning policy of most operators targeting them specifically. Oftentimes, members who win regularly are being segregated from the rest and bound to an entirely different set of rules which aim to take their advantage away.

Generally speaking, the sportsbooks hold an unfavourable view of money-making betting systems like Arbingwhich is to be expected.

dutching staking plan

So, be sure to make a research regarding all those issues to see if the betting site you chose is fit for the job. Why Level Staking is a good starting point? Our aim here will be to give you a few examples of how to manipulate stake size in relation to your success rate. Those systems are engineered to take into account lost bets along the way and at the same breath secure winnings.Staking plans for every situation to maximise your profits and limit your losses.

In simple terms, this is a method of maximising your chances of a long term profit from gambling.

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The easiest course would be to follow a strategy of using level stakes for each bet. There is a lot to be said for this method as any bigger priced winners will ensure a decent return but is probably best suited to selections for a wide range of prices.

Beware of falling into the trap of creating a plan based purely on a set of results unless the results can be shown to be replicable. This especially applies to a plan produced by a tipster to massage his results.

Updated Dutching Recovery Plan

Life of course is never as simple as this - for example you may wish to place five bets on an Exchange before leaving for work. The downside of this compound staking plan is that after a losing run, where your bank is reduced to less than the starting level, you will only be staking small amounts when the winners eventually come.

The amount to increase it by is the square root of the profit so far.

Staking Plans for Betting – An Overview of the Frequently Used Methods

At some point you will want to take some of your profits. This can be done each time you reach a set amount which you remove or you can leave some of the profit to gradually increase your betting bank. If you have identified a value bet, your stake could be influenced by the confidence you have in the bet. This confidence can be boosted by a number of factors such as; all the conditions of the race favour your selection as well as the stats and perhaps the advice of one or two tipsters. The price of the selection can also play a part for example if it is a strong short priced favourite then a larger bet could be in order and vice versa.

Depends upon an assumed price advantage over a bookmakers price.

dutching staking plan

There are many variations of this system but the main premise is to increase your stakes until you recover past losses. Some suggest you increase stakes by an amount sufficient to recover a lost stake while others will attempt to recover the stake plus your profit.

The drawbacks to all these schemes could result in any of the following before the required outcome is achieved:. Funds are not available to be matched on the betting exchanges.

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The punter loses his nerve when asked to place large bets to recover past losses. More reasonable variations of this method attempt to recover losses by spreading the recovery amounts over a number of bets. For example halve the loss to be recovered and attempt to retrieve that and if successful do the same with the second half.

The following sequence is used 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21 ie the next number in the sequence is the sum of the previous two. The idea is to use stakes following the sequence irrespective of strike rate or odds. You might try applying the method to past results to see if this method suits your usual betting strategy. Has it improved or reduced your returns? The dual banking staking plan attempts to profit from all possible outcomes of an event by splitting all participants into two banks.

Having decided on a target return for the event you then dutch the selections in each half to achieve the desired outcome. Each bank operates a recovery plan so that if, say, bank 1 makes a loss then, for the next event, stakes are raised to recover the loss.

While the other bank will have made its profit, as backing all selections means that one of the two banks must always win. However it should be borne in mind that a long losing run on one bank could result in over large stakes to recover the loss.

In this case you can swap the banks selections in an attempt to end the losing run. This is an interesting method of staking but does require careful management. Rugby Betting Tips from a Guy that lives the Game.Usually if some one is talking Double Dutch, it means that they are talking rubbish and you can not understand them. Or they are talking about two people skipping on a long skipping rope and the same time.

If you are reading this page, then most probably, you are sports or horse or dog bettor or you atleast have some interest in betting. We all know in order to make money from betting — we need good selections and good staking plan. For many years, all of us have been instructed this way "that do your research, find good selections and then bet on these selections as per good staking plan. Be it Horses, Dogs or Football, it has always been like this.

We all know how tough is to find consistently good quality winning selections in any sports. And that is done over a few hours on a race day, or longer term if you are going to place bets on only one or two races a day.

There is some hint in the name Double Dutch 2 DD2on what the method is based on. All I can say is that, it is easy to use needs Microsoft Excel or lateryou can get Excel on ebay very cheaply if you don't have it. We got excited when we understood the concept and immediately started the development.

As you can guess, we have taken the original concept to the next level where the chance of having a losing day is almost minimal. This is what we have been doing since we started testing this staking method once it was developed. Next Big question you would be asking — Is it Betfair based or Bookie based? You can use this staking plan on Betfair or on most bookies.

You will find winner in close to 8 races out of 10 you will bet on daily basis. You will be sitting on decent profit once you finish betting on close to first 15 races for the day on any normal racing day. You can simply call off your day for that day and start fresh next day. And next day, again no research needed, simply open the excel and start backing the selections on any betting exchange or bookie. The more you use the Spreadsheet the better the results will be, there are races you will not bet in because of short price fav's or the fields are too big and no point in tempting fate.

Two and half hours on Saturday racing. Friday afternoon Australian Racing, around 3 hours as I had a long Lunch. Nowmost important thing for you is to click on payment link and grab your copy before it is too late.

Using 2. As you have read this far down you have now realised that we are betting more than one horse a race, and you are exactly right. As you will need to stake multiple horses in the races, you will be betting odd amounts, and sometimes under the betfair minimum of your countries limit.

The way to get that done is to use a bot, and that is why we are offerring a special deal to get access to our Bot Easy Bet Bot that will allow this. Plus it has other features, that you can use in your daya to day betting See more Click Here. This bot bets Football, Cricket, Horses and Dogs.

And has features like program betting, and 4 staking optionshowever it is the Manual betting option that will be of most use to the Double Dutch 2 players. Or having a beer with a mate.

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dutching staking plan

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dutching staking plan

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